Many overseas hospitals will not discharge without the bill paid in full.  The company medical plan would not be available for this situation. Don’t be held hostage to a hospital until the bill is paid in full!

Advance payment can be made to a Hospital, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount, if needed to secure Your admission to a Hospital, because of a covered Injury or covered Sickness. The Program Medical Advisor will coordinate advance payment to the Hospital.


TripArmor Travel Protection Plan

    • Domestic and International trips covered
    • $100,000 Medical Benefit (no deductible) *
    • $1,000,000 Emergency Medical Transportation/Repatriation
    • $25,000 Non-Medical Emergency Evacuation
    • Trip Delay, Missed Connection & Baggage Coverage included
    • $1,000 Trip Interruption (or 150% of trip cost, whichever is greater)
    • Trip Cancellation & Cancel for Any Reason coverage available on our "TripArmor and TripArmor Plus" plan
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  • New! Three Plans to Choose from when you Apply!

    New! Three Plans to Choose from when you Apply!

    Availability and benefits may change per state. Insurance benefits are subject to limitations and exclusions, including an exclusion for pre-existing conditions.


IMG Emergency Travel Assistance Services

IMG’s iTravelInsured offers more than insurance protection. The following emergency travel assistance services are available to you, at your request, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, while you are on a trip covered under a contract administered by iTravelInsured to bring you Global Peace of Mind®.

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Emergency Travel Arrangements: In the event
you must return home or discontinue your trip as a
result of an interruption in travel due to an illness of your
spouse, child, parent, in-law or grandparent, we can
help you make the appropriate travel arrangements.

Lost Passport/Travel Documents Assistance:
we can help you report, retrieve or replace lost or
stolen travel documents, such as your passport, credit
cards and airline tickets.

Lost Luggage Assistance: we can assist you in
communicating with the commercial carrier for the
return of your lost luggage.

Embassy or Consulate Referral: we can inform
you of the location and contact telephone numbers
for the nearest embassy or consulate, no matter where
you are.

Emergency Message Relay: we can receive or
transmit emergency messages between you, your
family or your employer.

Emergency Prescription Replacement: we can
assist you with the replacement of lost or damaged
prescription medication.

Medical Referral: If urgent medical advice or care
is needed, we are prepared to refer you to the nearest
appropriate care facility or provide a listing of available
medical care to you. We can assist with obtaining an
appointment with the medical care provider you have chosen.

24-Hour Medical Monitoring: If you are hospitalized,
we can provide medical professionals to communicate
with your treating doctor(s) and help you monitor your
condition. IMG can also communicate with your family
doctor, as you direct.

Emergency Cash Transfer: we can help you transfer
funds, up to $500 USD, in the event you have a medical or
travel emergency.

Legal Referrals: we can provide you with a referral to
the nearest attorney.

Emergency Translations: we can provide personal,
emergency telephone translation services and referral to
a local interpreter service should you require language assistance.

Note: these services are not valid after coverage termination
and may be withdrawn at any time. Services offer assistance
and referral only. You are responsible for the cost of any actual
medical, legal, transportation, cash advance, or other services
or good received.