The worst souvenir you can bring back is a medical bill or worse…. a MEDICAL EVACUATION that can break your bank account! (yes, medical evacuations can cost $100,000 and more!)

My name is Krystal Boudreau, born and raised in Colorado Springs, mom of two kids and wife to an Edward Jones Financial Advisor. My passion is to help people….and in this role, I get to help friends, family (my Edward Jones “family”), new and seasoned travelers explore the world with the peace of mind that in the event an unplanned medical emergency happens during your trip-you have insurance protection! Life happens…. but don’t let your quality of life be compromised because of potentially large medical bills that happen abroad!


I personally have traveled to many places outside the U.S. including Mexico , Dominican Republic, Italy, Spain and France as well as traveled via multiple cruises. I have stories to share with you of accidents that have happened to friends/family who experienced excursions or trips and had medical emergencies. The small investment (as little as $30) for Trip Insurance gives you BIG coverage and peace of mind! We never leave home without it and you shouldn’t either!